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As part of our range of services, we offer gutter cleaning to commercial and residential customers. We can integrate this service into one of  our maintenance programs or also offer it as a stand alone service.

As we all know blocked or poorly draining gutters are a real headache and ultimately lead to costly damage of your property. But getting them clean hasn’t always been easy, often involving multi-stage ladders, trowels, buckets and sometimes leaving you wondering if the end result is as good as all that effort.

Well those days are gone!!

With our new Omnipole guttervac system we can completely and thoroughly clean gutters from the safety of the ground. Our system employs an 4200 watt industrial vacuum and a series of telescopic alloy poles which can reach heights of up to 50ft. It also has a HD recording system which shows us what exactly is going on as we clean them and can show the customer a before and after recording. We can even send this recording to your PC, phone or laptop so you can see your gutters are completely clean even when your not home.  We can also clean PVC fascia, soffit and downpipes using a soft wash systems of detergents and telescopic water-fed poles. Some of the features of this system include:

  • We can survey your gutters before cleaning.
  • We can clean gutters up to 50 ft(4/5 stories)
  • The systems HD camera lets us see what we are doing during the clean and you can see the end results.
  • All waste removed from your gutters ends up in the guttervac and removed from site so no mess left on the pavement around your building,
  • We offer a quick and competitive quote so you know the costs before we set foot on site.
  • PVC fascia, soffit, guttering and downpipes throughly cleaned.
  • Its the only way to get your gutters cleaned with complete piece of mind as you can see the before and after recording.